Want to sell with us?

Joining the AVESTE Marketplace is easy

AVESTE is the destination for clothes direct from independent brands.

If you are a brand looking to join the AVESTE marketplace please reach out to us by emailing info@aveste.co.uk .

Our onboarding process couldn’t be simpler thanks to our direct integration with Shopify. Onboarding typically takes less than 3 days.

Step 1 - Download the AVESTE app from the Shopify App Store and accept our T&Cs

Step 2 - Manage which products are shown on AVESTE within Shopify

Step 3 - Elevate your brand and reach more customers


Getting Started

Aveste is a one-stop-shop for quality independent apparel brands.
Aveste works by displaying your products to our community. We make the sign up and ongoing management process as simple as possible to ensure selling on Aveste is as little additional work for you as possible. After you have been accepted to the Aveste platform we will display your products on the marketplace. You choose what products you want to display. We connect your products directly from your own Shopify channel, this means you control what goes live on Aveste. When a customer purchases an item from your store, Aveste will take a share of the revenue from that sale. We are fully transparent about our model and pricing and will share specific details on how we work during the sign up process.
Aveste directly integrates with Shopify allowing your brand to connect simply and easy to our marketplace platform. To join us simply: 1. Email us at info@aveste.co.uk detailing your brand name and URL 2. Download our Shopify application using the URL that we send you. 3. We will be in touch with you to confirm when your products will be live on Aveste
No. The Aveste marketplace links directly to Shopify and utilises their API infrastructure to allow us to share direct customer transactions with you. We do not buy and manage stock on behalf of our brand partners and do not have physical stores.
You can read the conditions for all our brand partners by clicking here


Aveste orders will flow through as a conventional Shopify order, so you can control the delivery of your orders as normal. You will be responsible for delivering the products.
All the delivery options that are available in your native Shopify store will be available on Aveste. Aveste does not have the ability to change or amend any of your shipping options.
Aveste only processes UK based orders right now. International ordering will be ready very soon. Ask us about international orders for more detail.

Store Management

From within the Shopify admin you are able to to list all or part of your inventory. You control which products you display on our platform. Stock is automatically updated.
Any changes you make to your products will be updated on Aveste within an hour.
We base the category of your products on the name of the product itself. For example, anything containing "tee" or "t-shirt" will be placed into the category "T-Shirts".
AVESTE will instantly make the product unavailable from our website. Users will no longer be able to see it. For users that have the item in their bag currently, they will receive a message asking them to remove it from their bag, prohibiting them from completing the checkout.


Aveste utilises Shopify's checkout to allow customers orders to be processed. As a result, you can manage your orders like any other Shopify based transaction. All orders will appear within your Shopify dashboard but with a sales channel as "Aveste".
As Aveste utilises the Shopify Checkout API, the full order value less Aveste’s revenue share will be passed directly to you to fulfil in the same way a conventional order will flow through. If an order is fraudulent you will be able to mark it as so and process the relevant refund or cancel the order as necessary. If an order is cancelled, please reach out to us and we'll create an application credit in order to refund you.
Yes, we can create an application credit to issue credits to brand partners that can be used towards future app charges in Shopify.
Being listed on Aveste is 100% free. We only charge you commission when a sale is made. Commission is charged on the gross price of the goods sold. We do not charge commission on delivery costs.