Butterfly Tee - Blue

River God Conviction Switch-Patch Set

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Midlands based


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*Does not contain PatchDNA technology*

Set of 3 velcro backed overlocked cloth patches designed for our sweaters. Digitally printed to enhance detail and colour richness. Order alongside a Switch-Patch garment.

Remove before washing garment

Designed & Made in the UK.

Established in the United Kingdom in 2021, River God pride themselves on providing the finest quality garments and consistently create more value for our community by broadening their minds, connecting to culture and giving people the tools to express their individuality.

They utilise a mix of organic, fair-trade, recycled and sustainable fabrics and materials to craft their range of luxury garments. With expert craftsmanship and eco-friendly production techniques maximising the satisfaction and pleasure their products give to wearers whilst minimising the impact on our world.

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