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Riot Club White Paisley Riot Shorts

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London based


Limited stock

Our premium Paisley styled shorts

Micro twill 130 GSM polyester fabric with inside mesh lining and with polyester string and with elastic.

Metal zipper pockets with polyester lining

Finished off by raised Chenille patch work gothic lettering on left Knee

Riot Club was created to evoke emotion, not just another brand, but rather a movement, a family, a culture of like minded people who look at society as not a way to blend in but to stand out. going against the grain, disruptive, creative and free thinking.

Founded by Lee Murray, a designer for over 15 years working in branding and marketing with a strong strong passion for fashion. Between Lee & his team , all Riot Club content is created in house.

Riot Club loves the idea of the clash of polarised worlds. They think of themselves as high fashion meets raw , street, youthful creators who just want to change the world through art.

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