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The Céol sweatshirt draws inspiration from classic children's cartoons that taught language skills. This concept extends to aiding in the pronunciation of "Fealla-dhà."Achieving a distinctive hue through vintage washing this sweatshirt features 450 gsm organic cotton French Terry for both quality and comfort. Boasting a practical touch with side pockets and an oversized fit it is manufactured in Portugal and printed using water-based ink.

Fealla-dhà. Pronounced: 'FE-AH-LAH-GA'.

A playful and vibrant identity influenced by the Scottish Gaelic term “Fealla-dhà,” meaning "joke, jest, fun".

They pay homage to the cherished cartoons of yesteryear by reimagining them in a contemporary pop-art style.

Their passion for unique clothing is only matched by their commitment to sustainability We're proud to welcome them to AVESTE and think their clothes really make a statement

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