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DIS-ORDER APPAREL Rings Of Growth - Crewneck Sweater

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ABOUT THE DESIGNMuch like the growth rings of a tree we are shaped by the dark and light seasons of our life. When you are going through challenging times it may feel like you are standing still but key opportunities for growth often stem from navigating the challenges you are dealt. As you work through obstacles you become stronger and more resilient to life's storms. 

Wear this piece as a symbol of how you overcome obstacles and grow from them:How do you grow through what you go through? 

What weight material is this item?
Size Length Width
S 69cm 50cm
M 71cm 56cm
L 74cm 61cm
XL 76cm 66cm
XXL 79cm 71cm
3XL 81cm 76cm
What weight material is this item?

DIS-ORDER Apparel have a real story. Having lost multiple friends to suicide the DIS-ORDER team have felt the deepest consequences of the worsening mental health crisis.

As well as making fantastic clothes that are designed to start a conversation, they donate 20% of their profits to charity, host workshops and talks around mental health and use their social media presence to elevate the talk around psychological well-being

From the shores of the Netherlands, it's our pleasure to bring DIS-ORDER Apparel to AVESTE.

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