By JD, Feb. 18, 2022

Finding the perfect t-shirt fit for you is no easy task. Our guide is here to help, whether you're into oversized, slim fit, longline or anything in between

With the abundance of brands making t-shirts these days, it can be quite a task to find a t-shirt that fits well. We understand the disappointment when an item arrives only for it to be too short, too wide or simply the wrong fit for your body.

This post might go down a little bit of a mathematical route as we discuss ratios and weights but please bare with us - these things are worth knowing when trying to find something that fits you perfectly!

For what is quite a simple piece of clothing, the measurements encompassing the t-shirt can mean it varies hugely from brand to brand. Some people like their t-shirts baggy, some like them tighter, some like longer sleeves.

You've also got to think about the weight. Ever noticed how some t-shirts seem to hang nicely on you, whilst others can be thick and rigid?

Don't worry, this post will help you make sense of it all.

How will a T-Shirt fit?

3 Important Measurements

With t-shirts, we believe there are 3 key measurements that will determine how the t-shirt will fit.

Aveste T-Shirt diagram with measurements

The combination of these measurements will ultimately determine how the t-shirt fits.

The ratio of length to width

An extremely important ratio is the length divided by the width. This will determine if a t-shirt is more long and slim or more square and boxy.

For example, if a t-shirt has a length of 70cm and a width of 50cm, then it will have a ratio of 70/50, which equals 1.40.

Typically, this ratio on t-shirts ranges from 1.10 - 1.50, with 1.10 being t-shirts that have a more boxy, square and oversized feel, whilst t-shirts at 1.50 having a more slim fitted and longline feel.

Now you may be wondering "Okay, this all sounds well and good, but do you expect me to get my calculator out everytime I buy a tee?"

Don't worry, at AVESTE we've got you covered. All of our men's t-shirts pages have a scale showing you where t-shirts sit from boxy to slim fit. Below we've got some examples of boxy fits at AVESTE.

Aveste Ratio Scale

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Sleeve Length

Sleeve length is one that is really down to personal preference. However, there's one particular things that's worth looking out for when interpreting sleeve length measurements on size guides: does the measurement start from the collar or the seam?

Both are perfectly valid, it's just worth double checking so that you don't get any surprises when your item arrives. Check the size guides and make sure you know where the measurement starts and finishes.

We typically like to measure from the collar as this gives a universal measurement given that we know people have varying shoulder widths. For some people, the seam will intersect their shoulder, whilst for other's it might intersect their arm.

How will a T-Shirt Feel?

Notice how some t-shirts just seem to feel better on your body than others? This is of course down to personal preference, but what impacts this is the weight of the fabric and the material of the fabric.

The weight of the fabric

The weight of the fabric refers to how heavy or light it is. Weight of fabrics are typically referred to by what is called GSM or grams per square meter. However, how on earth are you meant to know how much a piece of clothing weighs?

At AVESTE we've taken care of this for you by providing a scale on our product pages so that you can get an idea of how heavy the t-shirt will be. Most t-shirts tend to range from about 130gsm (light) all the way up to around 250gsm (heavy).

Lighter tees will hang on your body more, accentuating your shape, which makes them great for sports and exercising.

Heavier fabrics will keep their shape better and feel more rigid, giving a more premium feel for social occasions. We find that there's a sweet spot around the 200gsm mark for everyday use. Again, it depends on your preference and what you're using the t-shirt for.

So how are you meant to know how thick a t-shirt is on AVESTE? Don't worry, we've got you covered with another scale on our product pages.

Aveste Weight Scale

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The material

100% Cotton

These are your typical all round t-shirts that provide a real softness. Graphics will pop most clearly on them and they're great for all occasions. Typically, they don't stretch much.

Cotton & Polyester blends

These actually feel a bit softer than the 100% cotton t-shirts. They're more water resistant, stretchier and require less ironing.

Tri Blend

These are the same as the cotton and polyester t-shirts, but they've added in rayon, which is made from wood pulp. These take softness to the next level!

Final Thoughts

When buying a t-shirt online, we know it's time consuming, but we believe it's worth getting your favourite t-shirt out the wardrobe and comparing it to the size guides you see online. That way you can be more certain about how a t-shirt will compare when it arrives.

We love data here at AVESTE although we appreciate it's not for everyone. If you're ever unsure about a product then feel free to reach out to us on Instagram for a second opinion, we'd love to help @avesteapparel.