By Lewis Dormer, Jan. 14, 2022

Men’s streetwear is a fast-moving space. Stay in-the-know with our definitive list of men’s streetwear brands to watch.

In recent years, streetwear has moved from the fringes to front and centre of social media feeds and online marketplaces. With the dominance of brands like Supreme and Carhartt, finding new and upcoming streetwear brands can be tough.

Here, we’ll run you through our list of the best men’s streetwear brands to look out for in 2022. You'll also find a hand-picked selection of our favourite items from each brand.

Handy Supply Co.

Originating from South Wales and London, now based out of Amsterdam. Handy Supply Co. are an arts collective sourcing vintage fabrics that enable them to design completely custom collections.

The Handy Supply Co. collection ranges from classic striped tees and abstract prints right through to work jackets, trousers and shorts.

Also serving as a record label, the musical influences are unmissable with this brand. Handy's range of vintage-style long-sleeved and short-sleeved tees are a modern take on a classic seen throughout the 90s, reminiscent of the rave scene of that era.

Their signature tees also come in heavyweight and mediumweight fabrics, offering options for any season.

90s rave streetwear
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Author's Picks: Handy Supply Co.

Saul Clothing

If you’re looking for unique prints and high-quality, heavyweight fabrics, then look no further than Saul clothing.

With a mix of large prints as well as more minimalist styles, Saul Clothing can quickly add versatility to any wardrobe.

Designed and printed in the UK, much of the Saul collection reminds us of the weightlifting and boxing gyms of the 80s and 90s.

80s gymwear
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With this inspiration in mind, Saul specialise in tees but also deliver when it comes to quality sweatshirts and hoodies.

The quality of the pieces means they can complete an outfit as a standalone piece or provide the perfect base for layering. Relaxed, oversized fits deliver a style that could be used anywhere from the bar to the gym.

Author's Picks: Saul Clothing

Host Invitation

When it comes to one-off designs and stellar prints, Host Invitation tick all the boxes. Hailing from Manchester – a city with a rich history when it comes to streetwear – Host Invitation's collection proudly illustrates those origins.

Working alongside artists, musicians, stylists, influencers and photographers alike, Host Invitation have managed to establish an instantly recognisable style.

Creativity is central to everything at Host Invitation. Such creativity produces the exact kind of memorable streetwear that shoppers are searching for.

Author's Picks: Host Invitation

South Clothing

Experimentalism is at the heart of South Clothing’s design process, which shines through in the seasonal collections they deliver.

South Clothing’s range of printed tees and hoodies showcase the team’s creativity, combining truly unique motifs with a range of industrial tones.

Comfort is clearly considered throughout the design process, as South Clothing’s oversized tees or hoodies twin perfectly with their range of sweatpants and shorts.

Leaving no stone unturned, their latest collection features a host of accessories from bandanas and caps right through to pendants.

Author's Picks: South Clothing

Flaash Apparel

Collaborating with their favourite tattoo artists and designers from around the world, Flaash Apparel are an unearthed gem in the world of streetwear.

They provide unisex clothing from their base in London and put a huge emphasis on sustainability, which is visible in their use of high-quality materials that are built to last.

Within their range of organic cotton tees, sweatshirts and vests, the tattoo designs make for the perfect statement backprint. When it comes to worker jackets or corduroy zip jackets, every piece in Flaash Apparel’s collection delivers a quality finish with a classic fit.

Author's Picks: Flaash Apparel

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