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"When I was going through my own mental health struggles I realized that the more I talked with other people the more normal my experiences were. That in fact everyone runs into periods of bad mental health or can in some way relate to the mental and emotional pain that we experience. I realized that it was all part of being human and I was done being ashamed of it. Instead I opted for being the most open I could be to live my life well despite its hardships and to never be ashamed of experiencing the suffering I did and sometimes still do.

For me our slogan is the epitome of that mentality one of proactive acceptance self-determination and hope."

Stijn Willemse founder of DIS-ORDER

DIS-ORDER Apparel have a real story. Having lost multiple friends to suicide the DIS-ORDER team have felt the deepest consequences of the worsening mental health crisis.

As well as making fantastic clothes that are designed to start a conversation, they donate 20% of their profits to charity, host workshops and talks around mental health and use their social media presence to elevate the talk around psychological well-being

From the shores of the Netherlands, it's our pleasure to bring DIS-ORDER Apparel to AVESTE.

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