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Cllub Ripstop Tote Bag

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Cllub Goods Ripstop tote
Can be used over the shoulder or hand held
A strong and versatile bag big enough to fit your daily essentials in and even pick up the groceries on your way home or use it to put your paint in on your evening adventures down the tracks. 
Lightweight durable & easy to clean
47cm wide - 37cm high
Removable shoulder strap
All City Sports Cllub

Cheaplife, A constant Progression.

From the streets to the great outdoors, Cheaplife live and breath what they represent. Born around their love of living a free and easy life surrounding their lifestyles of Graff, Exploring, Skating and other street sports. They believe life shouldn’t be wasted doing something you don’t love. This brand represents the people who are giving it a go, making relatable clothing for you to wear while doing it.

Life is Cheap. Leave that miserable job of yours and start living.

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