By Jake Dormer, Oct. 1, 2023

Style or practicality? Here at AVESTE, we think you can have both.

A rave hall filled with people

Raves, known for their unparalleled energy, vibrant atmospheres, and relentless beats, offer a sensory journey like no other. But as you prepare to immerse yourself in this electrifying subculture, you're faced with a crucial question in the weeks leading up to it: "What should I wear?"

In the realm of rave culture, fashion isn't just about self-expression; it's a statement of belonging. For men venturing into the world of raves, finding the perfect balance between style and practicality can be both quite the challenge.

We've been around the block a few times here at AVESTE and in this post, we thought we'd look at the question in some detail delving into the importance of comfort and functionality, along with feeling good and free. So, whether you're a seasoned raver looking to elevate your style or a newcomer gearing up for your first outing, hopefully this blog provides you with some pointers.

Understanding Fashion in the Rave Scene

Drawing Inspiration

In the gritty and rebellious world of the UK's original underground illegal rave scene, fashion took on a distinctive character. Drawing inspiration from the iconic 90s era, ravers often embrace a fusion of nostalgia and defiance. Here, the choice of attire often revolved around 90s sports brands, with Umbro, Nike, and Puma logos proudly dominating. Baggy tees and pants, oversized hoodies, and vintage windbreakers dominated the scene, exuding a casual yet bold vibe. Accessories like bucket hats, chunky sneakers, and colourful bandanas complete the look. The fashion in this subculture serves as both a nod to the past and a symbol of unity, as ravers come together to celebrate the freedom of expression and the pulse of electronic beats in clandestine, unconventional venues.

Anything goes

Its true. Anything really does go at raves. They're one of the best inclusive scenes you'll ever visit. Be it raves or festivals, you will truly find people wearing just about anything. Take a walk around Glastonbury for the day and you will see some of the most eclectic outfits put together you have ever seen. They're a place for self expression, a place where we see a blend of the old and the new. Vintage dominates the rave scene but then is often blended with awesome unique pieces from modern day underground brands like the ones we stock on AVESTE.

Practical Considerations

Temperature Management

One of the most vital aspects of rave fashion is temperature management, as raves often see rapid shifts in temperature due to the combination of energetic dancing and crowded venues. For those balmy summer nights or indoor raves where the heat can become relentless, consider wearing moisture-wicking fabrics like breathable cotton t-shirts. These materials help wick away sweat and keep you cool. However, don't forget the occasional chill that can set in after hours of dancing. It's a good idea to bring a stylish hoodie or a long-sleeve shirt that you can tie around your waist or easily slip on when needed. Layering is the key to adaptability, ensuring you're prepared for whatever weather surprises the night may hold. Additionally, invest in quality moisture-wicking underwear and socks to keep perspiration in check, which will contribute to your overall comfort throughout the rave. You'll also likely pop outside a few times throughout the night so again, something to put on is always a lovely little treat, especially during these cold winters here in the UK.


This is a biggie. Footwear is a critical consideration for raves given the hours on your feet dancing. Opt for comfortable, supportive shoes like trainers with cushioning and good arch support. Breathable materials help keep your feet cool, while durable soles can handle hours of dancing. Prioritize comfort and functionality to ensure you can dance the night away without foot discomfort. There's even some cool insoles on the market which can make your favourite footwear even better. Always go out in a tried and tested shoe and wear something in before you take it out to dance all night. And remember, always take some time to have a little sit down every hour or so. 1) to rest your feet and 2) to have some great chat.

Beneficial Accessories

Where would an outfit be without it's accessories right? It doesn't matter what kind of night out you're on, accessories are a must. Generally lads don't tend to wear too many accessories compared to their female counterparts, but there's a couple that spring to mind when we think of raving.


Personally I think these are useful for raves mostly due to the fact it stops you walking around with heavy pockets all day, restricting your movement if you really wanna dance and let yourself go. Bumbags can be worn across the chest in a much cooler manner so that you're not looking like a geography teacher on a school trip. Whether they're carrying your phone, tobacco, chewing gum, paracetamol, phone etc. they do have their place at a rave. Lastly bumbags worn across your chest are also incredibly safe as you don't run the risk of being pick-pocketed; especially if you're wearing loose fitting bottoms/ shorts.


Not for everyone I'll agree, but you do see them at raves. So why do people wear them? I think for some people they can really enhance visuals depending on the lenses. However I think for some they offer a sense of privacy, a chance to really transcend into the rave without worrying about how you look. If people want to close their eyes and immerse in it, then sunglasses offer a chance to without any stigma of being perceived as too drunk or whatever.

Where to Shop for Rave Clothing

Well, we know just the place funnily enough. Here at AVESTE we have some awesome pieces to allow you to express your own individuality whilst at the same time supporting independent underground UK brands.

Well that's a wrap. Drop us a message on Instagram if you thought we missed anything and remember stay safe and enjoy yourselves. Peace.